Mobile Home Park Owners-Developers Association 
 Wayne County, NC
 Kenny Fallin, President
updated 19 June 2017

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Monday, April 16th, 2018

 El Korita Restaurant 
 808 N Berkley Blvd   
Goldsboro, NC 
Informational Purposes
'Wayne Water District has implemented a new policy for "Landlord Cleanup"

Instead of making a trip to the water department every time you need the water turned on between renters, you can now fax in a request to 919-734-5994.
Simply set up one of the following accounts and send a fax that includes the property address, owner name, dates requesting on and off, and sign it.  

1.  You may set up an auto draft account 
with a voided check


2.   Make a payment into an account so 
that it has a credit

Questions...Call 919-731-2310
Next Meeting
Issues with Installers

Satellite and Cable companies have been a thorn in our side for quite a while. Leaving holes and wires everywhere. Most installers have a form signed stating the resident is either the home owner or has received permission from the owner for
 the install. 
They NEVER question their customers. 
This leaves us with only a few options.

1.  Install our own coaxial wires and inform tenants that only the wires provided may be used.

2.  Add a clause to the rental agreement that the property is set up with a specific installer and if a different company is preferred by the tennant then they are responsible for any damage caused by the install such as holes, damage to carpet, etc. 

3.  Have a seperate addendum signed stating that installation can be done in existing holes only and all equipment including but not limited to wires, dishes, and boxes must be removed upon vacating the property. 

Property for Rent or Sale
Please call the President if you would like to post any properties in this section
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​American MH Supply 
offers MHPODA members 
5% off

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​We would love for you to become a member of our Association and contribute to our progress.  

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Call Kenny Fallin 919-222-7274
Michael Blackburn 910-289-5014
Steve Herring 919-221-1668
The water company has agreed to help us protect our water heaters!!

From now on when the water at one of our rental properties has been shut off they will place a white flag by the meter.  If we see a flag for a few days we can take the proper steps to protect our water heater.

Thank you to our Water Company for their cooperation!
Membership Committee
Responsible for member retention and signing up new members
Chariman-Michael Blackburn 
Phone:  910-289-5014

Speaker Committee
Will line up speakers of interest to the group
Chairman-Steve Herring
​Phone:  919-221-1668


Per the Inspections Department

It is no longer required to have dirt around the bottom of your under-pinning.  This makes things easier for everyone. Saves us lots of money and time!
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