Mobile Home Park Owners-Developers Association 
 Wayne County, NC
 Kenny Fallin, President
updated 19 June 2017

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Establishing Our Association
November 10, 2011      Our first meeting.  We discussed how to organize our group as   
                                                a  formal organization.

April 16, 2012                  The organization of the association was finalized, complete with 
                                                officers, by-laws, code of conduct, and committees.

May 22, 2012                   Our Web-site was established.

                                                Billy Strickland was retained as the lawyer for our association.
Committed to 
Mobile Home Park Owners.
Some of Our Accomplishments 
~  Park owners considered it unfair to be taxed for garbage removal that they were  
    responsible for themselves. MHPO-DA formed a committee to fight "Garbage Fees," due to 
    the fact that park owners were pre-mandated to dispose of their park's household garbage.  
    We succeeded in getting the $45 tax per lot waived for the years 2011, 2012 & 2013. We   
    are still fighting for a permanent solution.

​~  On January 22, 2013 we were successful in abolishing the unjust "15 Year" ordinance.   
    This was an ordinance that stated a mobile home that was 15 years old or older and did 
    not have electricity for 90 days could not be moved within nor into the county.

~  We tackled the problem of inconsistencies in Set-Up Inspections.  We worked with the     
    County Manager to create a step-by-step Set-Up Guide in order to prevent additional
    inspector fees.  

~  We found answers to many questions asked by our park owners.  Such as...
          1.  Why are some park owners paying annual inspection fees and some are not?
          2.  Why are some park owners being required to do different things to pass their
               inspections? (This was answered when we formed the Step-by-Step Set-Up Guide)

~ We have worked with the water department to make the process of short term hook-up, for
   cleaning and repairs between renters, easier and less costly.  Also, to save our water heaters    from damage they have begun to put white flags by the meters that have been disconnected.
Future Projects
~  Mainstream and simplify the method of disposal for abandoned mobile homes.

~  Minimize "grace periods" in the eviction process.

~  How can we eliminate the "Service by Posting" method in Summary Ejection cases, so
    that monetary judgments may be rewarded?

~  Establishing a rental office for renting or leasing property to service association members.

~  Workman's Compensation or Liability Insurance for park owners.

~  Group Insurance for park owners.

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other projects underway.
Board of Directors

Kenny Fallin 

Vice President
Mike Odom

John Froelich

Pattie Daly

David Edwards